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The key competitive advantages of the vaccine candidates we have created are summarized below:

    A new technological solution

    is used, and a targeted immune response can be achieved by containing only the information related to the relevant virus sections. It may provide the possibility of more efficient virus neutralization, T-cell immune response, and memory cell formation.

    Outstanding stability is achieved.

    The surfactant peptide oligomers can be transported, lyophilized at room temperature, and reassembled after reconstitution. This makes it possible to store the vaccines without refrigerating and to deliver vaccines to many tropical areas and underdeveloped areas.

    Simple manufacturing technology

    can be used during production. The developed method is based on recombinant protein expression, and after purification, assembly is not required.



    Cost-effective vaccine

    The solution can be used to develop a cost-effective vaccine. Bacterial cells (E. coli) are sufficient for platform expression because non-glycosylated sections of the spike protein SARS-CoV-2 are used.


    Vaccination platforms

    As a result of one of the most important innovations of our invention, combinability can be significantly expanded. Vaccination platforms equipped with different viral epitopes are individually assembled into a single, polymeric surface, which can protect against multiple mutations at once.

    Safety in the design

    We have placed great emphasis on safety in the design of the planned vaccine: The TFR123 platform consists exclusively of a specific human protein, which results in the exclusion of autoimmunity.

    The developed platforms

    can be used on several levels. In addition to the basic goal of vaccine production, it is possible to use it in other therapeutic applications, and preliminary experiments for immunotherapeutic purposes show promising results. Furthermore, with the help of the developed platforms, it is even conceivable to produce reagents for diagnostic purposes soon.

    DNA vector and mRNA vaccines.

    Another advantage of our innovation is modularity. The TFR123 platform can be converted to both peptide, liposome, DNA vector and mRNA vaccines.



    Development level

    We have succeeded in our proof of concept experiments, which showed our platform is suitable to develop a COVID-19 vaccine prototype. The technology readiness level is currently TRL4
    IP Status
    Patent pending.


    Our group designed a special recombinant peptide, which has a very strong membrane binding capacity and high oligomerization property. It stabilizes membrane vesicles extremely well. The C-terminus of the recombinant peptide can be conjugated with any antigen peptide sequence recombinantly. Our novel vaccine platform based on this peptide might become a very useful tool for immunization technique.


    Personalised medicine in cancer therapy

    Antal Tapodi CEO

    With the help of our special immunization platforms, it is possible to develop highly effective, target-oriented vaccines. With this new solution, we can use an extremely short but  important sequence of pathogens for vaccine development. With such a short peptide sequence, it has been impossible to elicit an immune response, and therefore the new vaccines may be more specific and effective. Our experiments so far have proved that the 9-24 pcs amino acid-antigen regions connected to the new platforms induce an appropriate epitope-specific, selective immune response in experimental animals.

    There are several types of vaccines available in the international market: attenuated virus, adenovirus vector vaccine, mRNA vaccine and protein and DNA based vaccines.

    Our two types of vaccination platforms belong to the family of protein-based vaccines. Many virus-like-protein nanoparticles are still being developed; however, to our knowledge, PTE researchers were the first to develop surface-forming peptide polymers that stabilize biological and artificial membranes.

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